my daddy used to skateboard and have shaggy hair
This morning I woke up to loud bass vibrations from the first floor
I walked up the stairs and peered around the corner to see my English hooligan daddy rocking out to Jose Stone.
He was waiving his arms around in glow stick style.
And doing some soft two step foot moves.
I walked into the room and he gave me an embarrassed smile and toned down his hippy dance a wee bit.
I followed his steps and started singing along.
I grabbed his pinkie and had him spin me in a circle
He started to sing also, but off key and only knew ¼ of the real words to the song.
My mom walked in the room and told me to turn it down, till she saw I was dancing with dad.
She said he should act like an adult.
He pranced over to her and grabbed her face and kissed her
And told her shes pretty even with morning breath.

I hope I find a guy like that for me.

Like my mom did.

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