my cup of tea. and kill your Ovaries

All the words left unsaid
Thoughts of miscommunication are running through my head
I have so many things I wish to cover but my reflections blend
Standing in grievance over a grave in which the owner is not dead yet.

No body lies in silence by the name that is engraved in the head stone.
Im stomping my feet on hollow ground for the reason of me playing the fool again.
Believing my prayers have not been answered when they have and shown.
In mercy of the fates I say in small words:
When there is goodness, there should be praise
Falling deep into tar, the heaven should lift me out again
In need, I give every drop of vital fluid for anyone burdened
and I say in prayer
I am so deeply thankful for my fortunes
Give me one more trial and I will show you strengths
Give me an audience I will show you a preacher
Show me darkness I will make fire from stone
Mock my word and now I will pledge I will never cease my declarations

And in saying so:
I am a 19 year old female from the state of Utah, living in the City of Salt Lake.
My best friend is Jill Harper-Smith, she is the only person that can understand me
I work in law and someday planning to become an attorney
I have been in love two times and have meant it
I have never drank
I have never done any drugs
I have never had sex
The human body is a machine and art. & should not be treated like a dirty sexual object.
God & politics are two subjects that when put together, can unite or destroy
By the way, Im a republican/Moderate
I have had 7 surgeries
Left handed
I hate Texas
Planing on running away till I am aged
I listen to indie
I dont like watching TV
I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of otter pops

I want to change the world so I wont be scared to raise children in this desensitized society that our generation has created.

Its horrible what things we accept now, like the penalty for rape in many states has dropped by 2 years.
The stuff they show on TV.
Average Teen pregnancy has shot up by 12,000 since 2000
Ill get more statistics.

This is bull shit.

Im going home and building a fort.

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