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Please Come Dive In Puddles With Me..........
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Late last night I spoke about heartaches & heartbreaking. It is remarkable how you can hurt and need something without knowing of the contradiction. Makes me want to drive with my windows down.. and pretend ‘it all’ could be that simple. Just like a push of a button and everything is open and breezy. But history notoriously repeats itself.

Maybe its not time to grow up, get younger or change. time isn’t real, its made so everyone will have something to blame besides fear.

It makes me laugh that a thrill seeker, chance taking individual is scared of a child. And the child is in need of comfort the rebel is afraid to give.

It seems so amusing. just sit back and watch the lonely ones depend on something not stable. And yet, it could be something worth watching. Sounds more pitiful that what is meant, but I’m smirking. No one knows it, but the whole fuckin world will crumble in jealousy. And I’ll just lean my chair back and keep the windows down... as if I am oblivious to the trouble maker driving the car

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