Listen Miss Fisher, we need to talk.
You deserve a little better then what you treat yourself to.

Well hello blog, it’s been awhile. I have been a little upset with people lately so I have been avoiding the cyber world
First, JeanShorts hasn’t talked to me in almost a month now. Once in awhile, I get a “whapsup?” text. But nothing to read into and pretend he actually cares.
So things I have missed.
I haven’t been social for awhile. I just have not felt any type of substantial relationship with anyone I would consider a “friend”. I realized how a lot of people just call me up because they need a warm body to hang with.
Finally, a friend asked me to a night on the town. She said she “needed to get out” and “how badly” she missed me.
Well, we didn’t GO OUT.
We didn’t do a damn thing. Within 2 hours of hanging out and driving every bloody person around, I ended up at a piano bar, trying to hold my friend back from sucking on the piano players ear and he also to be dating a sober girl at our table. Who saw everything. Then playing Sheppard, and walking people out to my car.
Just to drive them 20mins BACK to the suburbs.


My friend threw up in my purse! She leaned over and if she wanted to put her head on my arm… like she did all night for balance. THEN upchucked noodles, stomach bile, and weird pink foam that reeked of wine.

In my purse.
My brand new purse
my mother bought me. In/on/around my wallet. Even the imprinted numbers on my credit card had caked on throwup. On my iPod, gum, loose change and makeup.
Then down to my winter leather jacket, my new RUN DMC hoodie. My mothers car. Even in the seams of the cup holders were filled with winey pink stomach acid.

I couldn’t breathe.

It might sound a little brash, but i wasnt the one who got the ladies drunk. I wish i felt bad for them. but alas, i dont give a damn.

as the shitty adventure was ending, we took her and another little upchuck queen to a parents house, put her ace first on the couch, everyone else left the room, and I was in decision to either leave in a fit, hangout with her passed out zombie corpse, or smack her for personal justice.
Instead, she started to make heaving noises, so I took a metal candy dish off the table and caught her throwup, after that she placed her hand in the puddle and passed out again.

Luckily, her other friends rescued her, washed her, asked for my help, I did little.
I didn’t want to look at her.
Why is it so hard to control yourself,

It literally was like a zombie movie, uncontrollable, falling everywhere, throwing up with no remorse or knowledge of their actions, without a care.
I can’t deal with it.
I forgave her but we haven’t hung out since.
It’s just so hard to trust someone I love so much.
My job is to mentor teens. Not babysit adults.
I just hope we can work something out. I miss her but it is hard to NOT be upset.

The purse was on sale and one of the last ones left. I went back to buy it and it was gone.
Then to my surprise, my friend nikki (the girl I stalk) works there, and found it in the backroom
So now all I need is to get my coat dry-cleaned, get my clothes we washed the night of the horrible time, buy new pants, buy new makeup, detail clean my camera and iPod, and buy a new wallet and everything will be back to normal


After this, if I smell wine again, I am going to punch someone in the lower jaw and pray I break their teeth into jaggedly bits.

My nightlife needs a hug.

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