Goodbye, please

the "ex" the guy I was never officially boyfriend/girlfriend with.
the ass that i have been obsessed with since '04
he was good to me in the beginning, while it lasted.
but in the end it wasent good for me.
i posted the previous post on myspace, and he responded by mocking it.
this was mine and his responses. yes i know i sound like a complete nut.
its okay, that what exs are for.

you heard me
I have tried to avoid you for a long time I keep hearing you tell people we never dated, or you said to _____ you don’t even know who I am
I don’t care for your opinions about my life and how I should change it
yet you think giving me your opinions of me are even valid
you haven’t been apart of my life for a long time
you are selfish and left me for some chick in another state
that you fell for in a few months
and didn’t have the decency to tell me you were dating people
yet I forgave you
I even hung out with your bro
I hung out with your mom
when you needed someone to talk to,
I was there
I was always fucking there for you
and it didn’t mean anything to you all
all I know is that I loved you and I wanted the best for you
and you treated me like shit
someone you could run back to for a weekend
then drop me

then you call me to cry about ______ finding a new guy and even tell me you were going to propose
hearing you talk hurt me
you know it was hurting me
yet I let you bitch to me and want advice and instead of feeling grateful
THEN at the peak o you venting all your feeling to me about your new recent stupid ex, and me NOT WANTING TO EVEN HEAR YOUR VOICE

you call me simple

I am not simple I am a good person with great things ahead of me I don’t need you saying something stupid about edge. I don’t care if your joking or not. if it wasn’t for straight edge I wouldn’t be the person I am. I am happy and the kids I learned about edge from all sold out on the same day. together its killing me to see people I admired fall its their choice, but it still hurts but please if you want to talk to me, and build some form of friendship, don’t do it to bitch call me simple then hang-up on me I'm done being treated like that

him / nameless guy
I don't bring you down, but if that's what you want, fine.

I wish nothing but the best for you, Ang. You're a strong heart.

Take care.


i dont hate you for someone youre not
just the person you have been
to me
i didnt deserve it
its taken me awhile to realize
what i actually deserve in life
and its not people who bring me down
maybe you dont see what you do
but its just best that we arent friends

him / nameless
you are beautiful.
Your new job is awesome.
You hate me for someone I'm not.
That you'll make a great wife and mother one day.
You shouldn't be mad at me.
You will have everything you want in life.

Sorry. Again.

this is all i wanted.
an apology

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