My opinion, doubt anyone cares but this is it for me. ADAM LAMBERT is the runner up on American idol. He is hot, hip, and a fresh face n Hollywood homosexual male.. He has stated many times he wants to be “an icon and role model.”
In the middle of a dancing and singing routine, he grabbed a male dancer and started to suck face with him. Massive amount of tongue action.
It was hideous.
I would NOT want to see a straight, bi, lesbian or gay couple makeout like that in front of me in person, let alone on TV.
That was the kind of kiss that if I did that myself in front of my sweet, sweet grandma.. I would be embarrassed.

Adam has gotten a lot of flack for the kiss, saying he was “going over the edge”
Well frankly, his CD sales are horrible, and I highly doubt that sloppy kiss was meant to be an innocent part of the song. It was MEANT to cause a stir. He need the attention to be relevant.

So, side note:
The upcoming youth need a REAL icon and hero to look up to.
To accept, love and understand…homosexuality needs to be embraced .
It shouldn’t be seen as “a lifestyle” its blanalty a sexuality.
The word “lifestyle” definition is:a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes

And if you actually ask a person who is gay. Being homosexual is not a manner that is a reflection of their value.
It is the way they feel, they are emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually connected and attracted to the same sex.
(remember, this is my opinion you can choose to agree or disagree)

The whole thing about “lifestyle” is a heading for the stereotype of homosexuals.
Example: That lesbians all wear plaid and work on cars, or all gay men wear glitter and have promiscuous sex.

I grew up in utah and there is horrible stereotypes here.
Now, as an adult, I counsel teens and if I could only hope for one thing is that a young, inspirational, high morale homosexual icon will be famous for the sole factor to beat out that stereotype.
One that wont go on a stage and use a sloppy kiss for attention, that can have a beautiful admirable, and healthy relationship. Right now, if you think of it, Lindsay Lohan was with a girl, but she would have drug filled rants and publically cheated on her.
Elton john is amazing. He is in love and has been for quite sometime. He has even attempted to adopt a baby (sadly his and his partners request was denied, luckily he is still going to be there for the child) however, all YOUNG Hollywood is treating same sex kissing as a racy thing to do in a music video.
There are plenty more same sex relationships out there of course I used them as an example.

So no, mr lambert. I don’t think you kissing men is wrong or dirty, but to stop mid song, when you should be performing, you grab a fello and start to makeout… you just want attention, if your song is so dull you need to cause contrivesary.. then you need to hire better song writers. Not use your sex as a tool to get attention.

And please, if you want to be someone for the next generation to look up to, then theres no reason to be an extrovert about your sexuality. Treat love lovingly.

Disagree, I don’t care. This is my observation.

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