the kissy face
baby talk
lovey dovey
cuddle bunny
DaTs So CuTE xOxO texting
girle girl

yeah i am female
yeah i wear a dress

but as any ex boyfriend would know

i am not cute and sweet
i am not going to text you how much i miss you
i will actually most likely forget to text
forget to call
not email
not aol

its not like me
no, i dont think im tuff
or a tom boy

i just get really uncomfortable
about all the cute stuff
to me

if i like a dude
i show him by spending time with him
by buying him twinkies
by making a mix tape
by renting his favorite movie
and makeout with him during the scary parts

i, angela fisher
do not like to "talk about feelings"
i do not like walking everywhere holding hands

i dont need to talk to you all day
or hangout every chance i get

i have things to do
i hope you do also

just because im not borderline stalking you
doesnt mean i do not care

and when i feel bombarded with text
and question after question
about whats going on with us
it gets annoying

what is "us" anyway
we arent married
so stop freaking out at me

just give me a fucking hug
or slap my butt and say i look nice today

just chill

no one likes a whooped kid

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