i see my peers tattooing their bodies with shrines of bands they admire
and i just find it humorous. maybe in my stubborn mind they are all obsessed posers and i am a true fan

but making friends that obsess over the music scene i am going into epeltic shock
i am not the only one that cannot wake up in the morning without listening to my favorite band
and when one of my favored bands come out with a new CD, i jsut cant get myself to love it like the old one.
all the songs on repeat on my ipod are the same ones i listened to in middle school.
such classics
call it an addiction, but when bands email me on myspace to check them out, its as if i get offened
like when a jehovah witness comes knocking at your door, and all you can say is "thanks but ive found my faith"
so what if i can compare religion to music.
it feels that way.
it is amazing
so i was two stepping to less than jake this morning
be jealous

i am living once and this is it.
this is my moment i have made for me
and i wouldnt trade it for the world

i already own the world anyway

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