Roomates, Straight Edge, and Shaving Cream

January 05, 2006

Current mood: accomplished
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I have taken in enough information and understanding that I truly know what I want for this moment. Unfortunately, my environment is causing conflict to my aspirations. It is such an amazing sense of mind to have. To feel completely involved and understood by peers. Yet at the same time know their noses are raised in my direction. I have never felt empowered to follow the crowed. I know that my conflicting morals has made me topic of conversation many times. I am not obsessed with the attention, but I do love it. I don’t want to be known as annoying or judgmental, rather more I want to be seen as an icon, a role model. I want to do my best to make my ideals more accepted. For me to be once known as a ‘weirdo’ for not understanding why people negatively affect themselves, and now being who I am, its comforting.

I hope I can become an influence to a larger crowed. Given them just one opinion of mine and pray they will take it to heart or give it a second thought.

I see myself as a small feeble creature surrounded by a large breed of mutilated dogs. Each scar on their faces and broken limbs is cause by their idiocy.

Yet I cant do anything to change the situation besides sit in the middle and wait for a option to arise.

I find my beliefs in staying clean offend some people, I declare my ideals to give everyone more of an understanding that being clean, and more open minded is a better way to live. I am happy I have found the easy way out of lives trials.. I don’t make them. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t put yourself in bad situations. Don’t depend on substance to "have a

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