ramble pt 1

break my heart i'll break your face one more name of the list of the people that need a scar to see in the mirror each morning as a reminder of what an ass you are day dreams of stabbing you with the pocket knife you gave me, in your navel and letting the rip of your skin vibrate my arm into a glorious shake your screaming and im feeling better then the butterflies i got from your first kiss your white blood cells cant repair this deep flesh wound i am giving to your useless body the small puddle i sit in is staining my clothes i hope you give me money to pay me back for my material damage reaching under your rib cage and letting each blood capalary pop between my figers it feel like heaven for one breaks for every tear i cried over and over and over your gasping for air, begging me to stop, but you didnt, why should i? i want to play docter, little boy i want to see your insides your being a bad little boy and i need to fix you i promise to give you a sticker at the end i love to pretend you do too you pretended to give a damn you played a game too it hurt me so im hurting you your insides are black and red you smoke to much im going to tell your mommy but i will fix you my hand is around your heart and im pulling downward all the veins wont break so i am pulling harder why do you scream? it doent hurt. i do it all the time, trust me like how i trusted you its ripping thank heavens. i made a box out of wood from my fireplace it took me a long time it the right size to put my prize in and i have never been happier thank you so much your heart isnt as scarred as mine but you do have some deep wounds is that why you wanted to take mine away? i bet you were mad at someone thats too bad im not giving it back why should i? you stole mine, so why cant i have yours?

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